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The Dragonfly Story


“In the bottom of an old pond lived some grubs who could not understand why none of their group ever came back after crawling up the stems of the lilies to the top of the water. They promised each other that the next one who was called to make the upward climb would return and tell what happened to him. Soon one of them felt an urgent impulse to seek the surface; he rested himself on the top of a lily pad and went through a glorious transformation, which made him a dragonfly with beautiful wings. In vain he tried to keep his promise. Flying back and forth over the pond, he peered down at his friends below. Then he realized that even if they could see him they would not recognize such a radiant creature as one of their number.


          The fact that we cannot see our friends or communicate with them after the transformation, which we call death, is no proof that they cease to exist.”


Walter Dudley Cavert


The Dragonfly Project consists of volunteers who send condolence cards carrying a message of hope to people who are grieving. We look up names in obituaries, then put together and mail packets out; usually 3 to 6 months after the death has occurred. Each packet contains a condolence card, a copy of the dragonfly story printed on the inside cover and a dragonfly keychain.

Order Cards

You can order a packet for yourself and share hope with a friend. Card prices are suggested donations.  Each dragonfly packet contains a card with the dragonfly story (read above) printed on the inside cover and a dragonfly keychain. 


We have six card designs donated by local Twin Cities Artists. You can order cards by going to the Order Cards page.


The Dragonfly Project is a registered 501 (3) (c) non profit.


Most of our funding comes from invidual donations. Please consider supporting our mission of bringing hope to those who are grieivng.

Get Involved

We have a variety of ways for you to get involved. From light office work, to stuffing envelopes, to hosting events or helping us plan our Annual Spring Celebration and Remembrance Event; there are many ways to get involved. Come join our community of hearts and hands!

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