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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  When should I send someone a card?

A:  ​After getting hundreds of responses from dragonfly card recipients, we have learned that there is never a wrong time to send a card. Most of the people who write to us say, in some way, that the card came on just the right day. So don't worry how long it has been. In fact, we suggest waiting 3 months or more because that's when other support has dropped off. Above all, trust that the day you send the card is the right day.

Q:  How long does my order take?

A:  ​Most orders take 1 to 2 weeks to fill. Most often, the order goes out within in a week.


Q:  If I send you a name of someone, will you send them a card for me?

​A:  No. We prefer that you order the card from us and send it yourself. This is a more personal touch.

Q:  Why is the suggested donation of your packets $4.00? 

A:  ​The $4.00 roughly covers the cost of the parts, assembly, and management of the packets.

Q:  What if I do not want to pay the whole suggested donation?

A:  ​you have to options

  1. You can use the coupon code of ‘Freecard’ and get one packet free.

  2. You can use the coupon code of ‘50%off’ and get 50% off your order.

Q:  I received my card several months after the death of my loved one, why is that?

​A:  We intentionally wait 3 to 6 months to send cards to people. We find that by this time others have stopped sending cards and calling. Grief lasts a long time. There is plenty of time to reach out and show you care.


Q:  How do you decide who to send the cards to?

​A:  When The Dragonfly Project sends the cards, the general rule of thumb is to families of people are dying at age 40 or younger. We also attempt to reach out to families of victims of tragedy such as the bridge collapse in Minneapolis years ago. We are aware we can't reach everyone. However if you choose to send a card yourself, you can choose anyone you want.


Q:  what if people get a card from you and one from someone else? Do you keep track of all the people you have sent to?

A:  ​we do not keep track. It seems to us that it is better to get 2 cards (one from you, one from us) than to get none at all. Very few people complain. the most frequent response we get is this: "It arrived at just the right time on the day I need it most."


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