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2024 Annual Celebration AUCTION

the 2024 AUCTION is available for preview.

REGISTER TO BID (see instructions below)

The auction bidding OPENS Friday, May 3rd, 9:00 am
and CLOSES, Saturday, May 4th, 2:45 pm

To Register to be a bidder via browser


  1. Click on the 'Register' button

  2. Enter your details and click 'Register'

  3. You will then receive an email with a verification code and instructions.

  4. After you have verified go to 'My Account' in menu on the left side. Click on 'Account Details.; Then if you want to get auction texts on your phone, click the box to get notifications and enter your phone number. 

  5. You will be asked to provide your payment details
    before making a bid, donation, or buy now. 

  6. You will then be ready to take part in the campaign.

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