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Abi Duzan reviewed The Dragonfly Project — 5 star

April 5, 2016

My family received a Dragonfly Project card and keychain after my dad (Matthew Englund) passed away in 2005. It arrived a few weeks after: when all of the funeral planning, family visiting, and sympathy cards had stopped, and it came at the perfect time. The shock had mellowed out barely enough to start revealing the pain of what occurred and the thought that someone had thought of me, my family, and especially my dad, brought a comfort that cannot be described through words. As the years progressed, the symbolism of the dragonfly (along with many dragonfly visits) has brought infinite comfort, memories, and many healing tears. I cannot even begin to thank you enough Anne, and everyone who has helped The Dragonfly Project throughout the years. The Dragonfly Project will always have a very important place in my heart.

Donna Stott reviewed The Dragonfly Project — 5 star

November 5, 2015 ·

I received a dragonfly card from someone when my mom died 6 years ago. I believe I've now given over 100 cards since then. This organization makes a difference. Thank you.

‎FACEBOOK POSTS –August 2015 thru June 2016

‎Kiana-mae Reynolds‎

Me and my boyfriend lost our son January 29th 2016. Our son Royal was a stillbirth at 20 weeks. Months have gone by and we are slowly but surely coping with the loss of our first son. Today we received a very heartwarming card from The Dragonfly Project along with a thoughtful keychain, I believe we received this at the perfect time. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words in our time of hardship.

Nikki Bahr Spethman

Today, I received a card in the mail! I was completely shocked, as it has been 5 months since we lost our baby and today I should be counting down the next few weeks left of my pregnancy!! Thank You! It was definitely bittersweet!!

‎Dawn Doucette

My family received a Dragonfly Project card in the mail today, they live in WI, I live in Florida. My brother passed in December after a heroic journey fighting brain cancer. Your card sent the ripple effect clear across the country. I cannot thank you enough for showing us people are still holding my family in their hearts after these first months have passed. All the firsts without Greg are hard. People go on with their lives, but we'll forever be missing one of the links in our family. Your kindness today meant the world. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! 💖

‎Kim Hatfield Norris‎

Today after out looking for a new car I received this card and keychain in the mail! All I can think is this has to be a sign! This is appreciated more than you guys will ever know. Thank you so much!

‎Angela Cox Moss

💝I am proud and honored to say that I became an official North-Central Missouri Dragonfly Volunteer💝

‎Janet Shea

My son passed away on September 27, 2010. He was a disabled Vet. He was 33 years old. He left a daughter behind and a large extended family. I received a Dragonfly card and keychain in the mail a few months after he died. It was a life line. The work this organization does is amazing. Thank you.

‎Tanya Andersen‎ ·

Thank you so much for sending the dragonfly card when my son died in 2012. I loved the saying in it that we cannot see our loved ones or communicate with them after the transformation, which we call death, but its no proof that they cease to exist. What a confort for me to know this! I still look at this card and it still gives me comfort. Thank You!

‎Linda L. Smith‎

Thank you for the thoughtful card and the dragonfly for my key chain in remembrance of my daughter. It helps with our grieving for a wonderful girl who left us too early.

‎Amy DiPentino‎

Thank you so very much for the beautiful card and dragonfly you sent in honor of my son. He has been gone 9 months now and while the pain is still very raw, this made me smile. What kind, compassionate people you are. I feel blessed that someone took time out of their day to think of a total stranger. Keep up the amazing work.

‎‎Stephanie Devitt Constant‎

Thank you so much for the beautiful card and dragonfly keychain. I am touched by your kindness and thoughtfulness. My beautiful daughter Brittany passed away 8 months ago and we love her and miss her terribly. ❤️

‎Ferah Wanga‎

I received a card today from the dragonfly project offering comfort to my family in the wake of our loss. I was so touched by the thoughtfulness of complete strangers to reach out to me and my children and offer words of encouragement and support. I am truly grateful and touched by your kindness, words cannot express. May you all be blessed abundantly. Thank you!

‎Terri Krasovec

THANK YOU for the Dragonfly card and key chain! What a wonderful surprise in the mail today.. My son has been gone 5 months and we miss him every single day! This world needs more caring and compassionate people such as yourselves! ~ ♡Thanks again♡

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