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I just wanted you to know that I was a recipient of a dragonfly and I wanted to let you know how uplifted I was! Losing my daughter in a plane crash was no easy thing, but the outpouring of support keeps me in gratitude. Thank you! ~ Carol

This brought me so much joy when I received my dragonfly. My son passed away in May. ~ Lori

My 37-year-old daughter died March 2021. I am struggling to learn life without her as the void is unbearable. I don’t know who or how a card with the dragonfly story and key ring was delivered to us signed by a volunteer, Kirsten, but it came on a particularly difficult moment, especially the words “just because we can’t communicate with our loved ones who have gone through the transformation we call death, does not mean they no longer exist.” Those words were the ones that have helped me more than any other. Because they do, they exist, they are loved, they are with us, they are worthy of our thoughts and energy. Thank you more than I can express. ~ Gloria

Thank you so much for the special card. It was so thoughtful and brought quite a few tears. I’m Very grateful and thank you again so much. ~ Leddy

I thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, we received our dragonfly and it was such an emotion for me. My son passed away last July, and is missed so everyday, and this came just before his birthday which was even more meaningful. ~ Dar

Hello there! My family received a dragonfly card shortly after our (barely) 20 year-old-son Vincent was killed in a single car accident on November 1, 2017. We wanted to thank the person who sent this to us but there was no return address. I have been sharing the story with the grief support groups that we have been attending. Certainly, this has made my family more appreciative of these flying friends and also the many symbolisms of dragonflies. With appreciation from the bottom of our hearts. ~ The Cooper Family


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